Behind the Song: Not That Kind of Guy

October 29, 2019| Music

“Not That Kind of Guy” is a head-bobbing anthem – a proclamation that not all guys are the same, and a spirited reminder to remain comfortable and confident in one’s own skin.

Sometimes guys get a bad rap. The stereotype of the clueless, vulgar, ill-willed womanizer is one that definitely exists in the real world, but can also be imposed on normal, respectful guys before getting to know them. Generalized statements like “men are awful” are repeated constantly.

I believe the majority guys are mostly good, and not all of them want the same things. That narrative is not commonly spoken about, so I decided to amplify it by turning it into a song.

After a live performance in NYC in the summer of 2019, I sent a survey out to my entire email list. I asked about their favorite songs and what they thought I should release next – and the answer was apparent. The song that had taken me the least amount of time to write, “Not That Kind of Guy,” was a clear favorite, so I headed straight into the studio to record it.

I took a different approach with this track – the song is fun and honest, and I thought that mood would be best expressed through the use of live instruments. I enlisted the help of a drummer (Luke O’Kelley), a guitar and bass player (Zach Fuller), and added live piano and organ myself to create the sounds you hear. Mike Seay oversaw the recording process and was an invaluable resource in the studio.

My hope is that through this work, I presented an interesting and important message in a fun and relatable way. Above all, I hope you like what you hear, and if you do, that you deem it worthy of sharing with your friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support!